Wednesday, January 30, 2008

three days off...

three days off , come and gone. tonight, I play tennis at 6:30, and that will mark the end of this mini vacation. My list has slowly been crossed off, and it feels very good. My husband also comes home tonight, and I have written a list for him. He always manages to loose "my" list.

As soon as I finish this, my computer will go to black. It is going in for a "checkup". This morning, I discovered I had 91 processes running in background. it shouldn't be more than 20. I actually had 9 copies of quicktime running!!!! So, rather than take the time myself to individually remove all these items AFTER I check to see if they are okay, I would rather give it to the experts. I had found no worms or virus. I am interested to see what they find.


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