Wednesday, January 30, 2008

HSMS think

is it measure twice and cut once, or the other way around.


Just Me! said...

I love the black framing around the pictures! Nice framing!
I wish I had a picture of Bob at his workshop.
I'm going to try and sneak down there and grab one when he's down there next time.

I'm so proud of you journaling! WOW!!
LOVE the story of Max and Baby Kitty?? (I think that's his name)
How fun!

Chris said...

Moi, again.
I just read your first blog post about why you were doing the blog.

Taking a photo a day is fun (and a ton of work!).

BTW. . .I also noticed the thing you wrote about taking a photo through another camera's viewfinder. There's another technique. . .Get one of those plastic cameras (like a Diana) and cut off the lens. Put that lend over the lens of your digital and shoot.