Sunday, June 22, 2008

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HSMS hydrate

No matter how old I get, I still am tempted to run through a sprinkler. This is the best "less than $10" water toy I have bought. Its a thin tube that nooks directly to the hose, then smaller tubes come out all along. when you turn the water on, They wiggle back and forth! The babies LOVED it! So did Papa!!

HSMS bell

This bell has such a great story and a long history.
My great-grandparents had a farm in the Peytonsville community, Franklin, Tennessee. It was a working farm back in the late 1800's. This bell was used to call the workers in for "dinner".
My Grandfather was the baby and was born when my Great-Grandmother was 48 years old. He sold the farm in the early 60's and moved only 5 miles away. He took a few things with him including this bell. He mounted on top of his mail box, and in script he welded his first and last name using metal wire. That is where it stayed there until about 1980 when someone stole it. The police were called and the entire community was upset.
My Grandfather was a barber and quite well known in the area. He began cutting hair when his father ordered a pair of scissors, a comb and a few other items relating from the Sears Roebuck catalog. He was tired of going into town and paying 10 cents for a hair cut. So, he decided my Grandfather could do just as well. My Grandfather was 15 years old. He was still cutting hair for his customers until two weeks before he passed away in 1988.
After my Grandfather's death, my Grandmother moved into my mothers house. Every now and again the conversation would come up about the bell. Then, out of the blue, my Grandmother received a phone call. Someone found the bell at a garage sale The name was still on top ten years later.
The police were called. The present possessors were not charged and proved they had acquired it though someone else.
This bell is now in my mother's backyard.

HSMS sos

This is one of the first photos I took digitally. I cant belive it has been 3 years. I have taken over 17,000 photos since then, mostly of babies and cats. wow.

HSMS sps

HSMS reach

HSMS drip

HSMS burst

How far and to what lengths must I go at times to fulfill the daily challenge of taking "the picture" inspired by he word of the day? I was at a complete loss....BURST? What will burst in my day? Hopefully nothing. The things that have the potential to burst in my daily routine would not be a welcomed site. But, there I was, driving as usual, when there it was. A FIRE HYDRANT!!! Bursting into the street!!! I have seen this going on for a few weeks in various locations throughout this little town, testing the water pressure of the fire hydrants. The man noticed me as I drove by, possibly thinking I was "rubber necking", looking at HIS hotness. I guess he was disapointed when all I wanted was a photo of the water gushing from the hydrant.

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HSMS secure

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

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The Disney Series

I was temped to name this a different title than Lucky, as the word suggested. And, although this is what happens to a van when it collides with a deer, I thought BAMBI may be a little to suggestive.
And, Lucky? Yes, I was lucky. I travel hundreds of miles a day on country roads in the middle on somewhere or nowhere. I see all wild life including deer, wild turkeys, hawks, horses, cows, dogs, cats, snakes, etc. But, I hit a deer on the interstate at 5 in the evening doing 70 miles per hour. There were cars and transfer trucks all around. A deer jumped over the car to my right, and landed right in front of me. I didnt have time to put on my brakes or react. I literally saw the deer, thunk, and looked in my window to see him flying through the air like the cow in Wizard of Oz. He cleared two more lanes to my left, landing in the grass.

So, again you ask...Lucky? I didnt hit anyone else. No one else hit me. I didnt loose control of my car, I kept it straight. No one else hit the deer. No other cars hit each other. It was "rush hour". I drove it home, and then to the repair shop the next day. My insurance paid all my deductible of $4500. I picked it up yesterday (three weeks?). I didnt have to rent a car, I used a company car (thanks Karen).
Someone said to me, "you have the worst luck". I disagree. I am very fortunate.

A hand turned bowl, created by my hubby. Its an African Ebony, sometimes referred to an Dalmatian Dot.

The Disney Series

This is an oldie, but not to may recent pics of freckles around here.

I absolutely LOVE this photo. This is obviously a scan. Kristen still has the most freckles in the family. Dont you just love her hair too? This was taken after playing at the playground four hours!

Why Duck you ask? When Callie was little, after watching Land before Time (the original) probably about 1989, she started saying "nope nope nope" just like Ducky. It was so cute, we started calling her Duck, or Ducky.

Sometimes I forget about this scar...four years old in July. EW...Someone gave me their chin...I have two now.

The Disney Series

Beauty and The Beast

Baby Kitty rarely meows, but since Max died he talks a little more. He always makes a screeching noise when their is a flying bug in the house, on the french doors. But, when there is a strange (neighbor) cat on the deck...OMG. He will wake us up in the middle of the night!