Wednesday, January 30, 2008

three days off...

three days off , come and gone. tonight, I play tennis at 6:30, and that will mark the end of this mini vacation. My list has slowly been crossed off, and it feels very good. My husband also comes home tonight, and I have written a list for him. He always manages to loose "my" list.

As soon as I finish this, my computer will go to black. It is going in for a "checkup". This morning, I discovered I had 91 processes running in background. it shouldn't be more than 20. I actually had 9 copies of quicktime running!!!! So, rather than take the time myself to individually remove all these items AFTER I check to see if they are okay, I would rather give it to the experts. I had found no worms or virus. I am interested to see what they find.


HSMS think

is it measure twice and cut once, or the other way around.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HSMS snooze

my favorite.

Monday, January 28, 2008

canned foods?

We don't eat a lot of canned foods in our household. But, this time a year we use more. We prefer frozen or fresh is best, keeping sodium conscious. However, I keep stacked cans of artichoke hearts (the worlds best food) and cream of chicken soup (and NOT the fat free variety) all year round.

Now that the kids are both grown and have their own homes, I cook less and less. But, today was the day to refill the pantry. Lots of cans of stewed tomatoes for soups and sauces, canned corn (usually a absolute no no), canned black beans, canned pintos and great northerns. A new one on my list is FIRE ROASTED tomatoes. They worked great last week in my chicken tortilla soup (my best soup this season), which I am cooking tonight.

So, here are my questions: What is in your pantry (canned or otherwise), and what brought me to write this entry, how long to you keep and use canned foods past their "best if used by" date?

I just cant do it...I just cant use canned foods past their "best by" date. I just it snobby, but I think I am paranoid.

urg...I just realized I forgot the wasn't on my list.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


two posts in one day....trying to catch up!

I think I am finally getting out of my rut in tennis. I am feeling a little faster, including my reaction time with my upper body.

Oh, how I miss the swing.

As I drink my coffee.......

and realize how far behind I am on posting HS:MS, I also need to post project 365 , I found this....
You Are a Cappuccino
You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please

What Kind of Coffee Girl Are You?

HS:MS tube:

HS:MS overflow:

HS:MS three:
I am in such need of some time off from work. So, I finally asked. Actually, that's all it takes, is just to ask. But, I have such a hard time taking time off. I dont know why. I spent so many years working for myself, or working as a contract therapist. So I developed this habit...if there is work, you work. tomorrow, there may be no work. And really, there was NEVER no work. I dont feel like a work-a-holic, but I just may be. 4 years ago now, since my oldest started college I have worked full time for the same company. I accumulate 1-1/2 days per month time off!!!
I scheduled this around my husbands schedule. He left home this afternoon and will be out of town until wednesday. So, off from work, home alone. I hope to keep this a secret from both of my grown daughters, or they will be either demanding my time, or keeping me company while daddy is out of town. shhhhhh.....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I just love stories like this!!

Its stories like this that prove we are all capable of anything. But it takes desire, timing, practice, but most of all, we all need cheerleaders. This story reminded me of one of my favorite movies, "Rudy".

Who have you cheered today?

Autistic Basketball Player Scores 20 - Watch more free videos

Thursday, January 17, 2008

HSMS number

An arithmetical value expressed by a word, symbol or figure.

This is where I spend most of my time...behind the wheel of my car!!! zoom zoom!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HSMS indulge

To allow oneself to enjoy a pleasure.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HSMS away

this is it!! I am officially caught up with HS MS prompts!! YEAH!! now I can begin other postings!!


CD's??? I dont think about CD's too much anymore. All my music purchases are online, and all my music is on my ipod!! But, here they are, mostly my hubby's.


lilly and sophie

HSMS cold

this is the spot where my hot water heater used to be.
for the first time in my life, I was screwed by a plumber. I shot this on the day of the challenge, but today is the first day since last thursday I have hot water in my house.
It all started the thursday after Christmas. I woke up and found my coffee cup was not clean from a freshly run dishwasher, and my shower was nothing but cold water. I called the pluming company I prefer and they could be here within 2 hours. But no. My husband choose to go with another plumber, at his father's recommendation. Its all about saving money. Not about efficiency. Not about saving time. But, by 9pm that same night, we had hot water again. The plumber was a licensed plumber, and a relative of my father in law.
But sunday, the pilot light kept going out, relighting relighting, but still had hot water. called plumber #1 (guy who installed). he said, "the wind must be blowing the light out, I know I installed it right, you will have to call the manufacture". I told him my other 13 year old hot water heater pilot light never went out!!! My new one was 3-1/2 days old, and I was already calling in on my warranty.
over a week later, two parts and two more plumbers later, GE agreed to send/bring a brand new hot water heater. plumber #4 came, and he said, "Oh, here is your problem". Okay, I know we are in real trouble here.
Plumber #1 had installed a non-direct vent hot water heater in a direct vent space. That is the reason the pilot light would not stay on. Bad, dangerous, and irresponsible. And, for the first time, I really had NO HOT WATER HEATER.
Within a few hours, we interviewed plumber #5 and plumber #6. plumber #5 gave the best price, plumber #6 recommended we get the tankless water heating system. For those of you in other countries, you probably think we are dinosaurs...we still use tanks to heat our water. But $3400!!! not this year.
The next day...plumber #5's company was out of the direct vent hot water heater. his distributor couldnt get one until monday.
This has been a nightmare. In my 30 years of house ownership, and quite a few different houses, I have never been screwed like this. I always do my research and try to know as much about a product and a procedure as the technician knows who is going to actually perform the service. But, I dont have time to learn all of I try to hire reputable individuals. My husband will listen to ME next time!!!

HSMS thread

I have tons of thread, but this is the first little bit I got my hands on. I am not very happy with this shot, so I tweaked with an acidify action. I am almost caught up with posting!!!! YEAH!!!

HSMS steam

real steam!! not photoshoped!! But, its my neighbors hot tub.
just as I was ready to snap the photo (this was taken with the point and shoot), the hot tub turned off. I didnt think there was enough steam to capture.

HSMS bling

I dont have any fancy jewelry. These are my only "girls best friends".

Monday, January 14, 2008

HSMS fold


March 07
trying to catch up!!

HSMS Perfume

I dont wear perfume, so I pulled a bottle of my husbands cologne. I loved this color of blue with the natural window light shinning through.

HSMS White

This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Coffee with sugar, cream and a little whipped on top.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

why blog, why now??

Just a few short weeks ago, I could not think of one single reason I needed a blog. But now, its January, and its time for new beginnings, new goals, and a return to balance.

In the past few months, my creative self has taken a backseat to other things. Not that I didnt have a choice, but tennis was taking up so much of my spare time. I still love tennis as my #1 pasttime, but I need time to create also. I will still play 3 days a week.

I choose two daily photography challenges. I know this seems a bit much, but I could not deside on one.
her space : my space .. challenge blog
Take a word, take a picture. A blog to share snapshots of everyday life with no props and no limits. Just plain old fashioned photography in her space and my space.
Project 365:
Take a photo a day for 365 days.

I have been shooting since January 1. Believe it or not, I can usually the HS:MS challenge before I leave for work. The other challenge is taken throughout the day. The weekends are usually easier, since the babies are visiting.

Its has taken until today to research, create and title my blog. I choose because I could have my own header from moment one. No, NOT ME...have a pre-maid header. Also, what to call the bloomin' thing!!!???

That's it. Thats my reason for my blog.
And the name...Color Artistics.