Sunday, May 25, 2008

HSMS The Disney Series


Okay, Lilly can shuffle, tondu, arebesque and loads of other dance moves. But, can she turn a cartwheel?

HSMS The Disney Series

The Seven Dwarfs

Friday, May 16, 2008

HSMS race

HSMS lines

Another shot of these massive power lines running across county. These are about 12 miles west from the previous photo.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

HSMS sos

OMG!! This is one year ago!

HSMS sps

A rare moment of stillness, just barely long enough to look into the lens.

HSMS remember

This was the first time I drove by this cemetery/grave yard. It was a bright sunny mid-day, but this place was surrounded by trees. When I first stopped, there was a huge crow perched atop one of the tall pylon markers. An old friend popped into my head...Doreen. I hopped he wouldn't fly away so I could capture the image for her, but he flew into the trees. Of course he cawed at me the entire 5 minutes I took photos.
When I shot this, I envisioned the look I wanted. Remember Barnabos Collins/Dark Shadows? Or older black and white vampire movies? Okay, you would need to be born in the 60's or before. But, I can just hear the crutching of dry leaves, the bad music and sound effects. Also, the use of lighting effects and lens openings to make daylight appear as though it is dusk or darker.

HSMS dome

I seem to have an obsession lately... all my photos are FARM related!! I don't live on a farm or the country. But, I spend my entire work week driving in the country.
Until looking for dome, I never realized how many silos I drive by in a day.

HSMS spiral

The top photo is what I first envisioned for spiral. But, the day I shot this, it had been raining most of the day and too muddy to get close. Maybe I will try again next week. This is such an interesting piece of farm equipment. I have no idea what it does, but I think it may have something to do with hay.
The second picture was a back up attempt just in case I did like the first. I really have no idea what this is. It was sitting on the side of the road.

HSMS wild

HSMS long

This is another thing that I see quite a bit while driving my home health territory! TRAINS! I am sure everyone living in the Chapel Hill area have a love/hate relationship with the trains.

HSMS delicate

This was a hard word for me. There is very little I consider delicate in my life. Even the babies are not delicate...too rough!! But, I was cleaning these for our upcoming wedding anniversary...the stems are so delicate. I cant believe they have survived 24 years without breaking!

HSMS bathe

This is an oldie, but I couldnt get the images out of my mind of Max bathing himself in the late afternoon sun beam that bathed our Brown room (really...we call it the brown room.) But, this was a rare occasion when there was nothing on the bottom shelf of this book case. There he was, wedged in and leaning on the side, bathing his one white spot. I still miss stepping over the fur ball.

HSMS repeat

These large power lines and towers travel east/west throughout my home health territory. I never stopped to look at them until today. I was amazed at the loud hum they made. I would hate to live close by them.

HSMS recycle

Monday, May 5, 2008

HSMS view

This is a view from the new lookout, Pulltight Hill Road, College Grove/Bethesda, Tennessee. This road was completely rebuilt using 22,000 big trucks full of gravel. Before it was rebuilt, it was a very dangerous road, up hill, down hill and tight curves. I think it was one lane...or not quite two lanes. I wish I had pictures of it "before". If I find a photo, I will post it.

HSMS yellow

HSMS sad

HSMS investigate

HSMS window