Monday, January 28, 2008

canned foods?

We don't eat a lot of canned foods in our household. But, this time a year we use more. We prefer frozen or fresh is best, keeping sodium conscious. However, I keep stacked cans of artichoke hearts (the worlds best food) and cream of chicken soup (and NOT the fat free variety) all year round.

Now that the kids are both grown and have their own homes, I cook less and less. But, today was the day to refill the pantry. Lots of cans of stewed tomatoes for soups and sauces, canned corn (usually a absolute no no), canned black beans, canned pintos and great northerns. A new one on my list is FIRE ROASTED tomatoes. They worked great last week in my chicken tortilla soup (my best soup this season), which I am cooking tonight.

So, here are my questions: What is in your pantry (canned or otherwise), and what brought me to write this entry, how long to you keep and use canned foods past their "best if used by" date?

I just cant do it...I just cant use canned foods past their "best by" date. I just it snobby, but I think I am paranoid.

urg...I just realized I forgot the wasn't on my list.

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