Saturday, February 2, 2008

as if...

As if I were not behind on my photo challenge obligations, and generally behind on most every thing else, I have been spending my time searching for photo digital overlays. This is a new fascination for me, since I usually look for and strive for the sharp pristine look. Back in the "old" days, when I was shooting and printing, I loved the look we achieved when filing out the negative holders (darkroom/enlarger). This allowed you to "print" the negative frames surrounding the negative image. Now, with digital/photoshop the possibilities are endless. One of the first things I downloaded was a set of frames made from 120 negative. these were free, long before the term "freebies".

I used to shoot with hasselblad cameras, and still prefer the square format. OMG...we would not have been caught dead shooting anything, okay...most anything with a 35 mm camera!!! I also love the look of poloroid transfers. I have printed lots of cards using these overlays. Its a combination of quite a few sources.

Tonight, I discovered something new. its called TTV, or through the viewfinder. The pure method is shooting through a viewfinder of one camera using another camera. The camera you are shooting through must not be altered. The require strange contraptions to block out light. Another method is to disassemble a rangefinder camera and use the lens. You can see images here on the flickr site. Here is my first attempt using pure digital manipulation. This is a photo I took last week looking out my back door.

so, how does it look?
time for bed. lilly is spending the night, and I am sure she will wake up earlier than I want to, asking for "ya-ya" and "waffles" or "yogurt". I wonder if she will remember she is going hiking with papa after breakfast?


Chris said...

Hey, Jules!! I'm assuming this is you of my PM days!! HOW ARE YOU?

Lots going on here. . . .Back in grad school. . . .doing the photo blog. . .writing. . .playing with my dogs! Email me when you have a minute!

K J and the kids said...

This photo, like all of your photos, is awesome...but this one in paticular really caught my eye. I love the manipulation.