Saturday, February 16, 2008

catch up, baby!!

Last weekend, we took pics of the babies for Valentines Day. My two grown daughters have always been comfortable in front of a camera, and their babies are following right in step. Callie was first in line. I love it when she puts on mismatched items from her dance wear. She and I disagreed on the storyboard final. which one do you like the best?

This was not easy. One Ya-Ya trying to take picures, two grown daughters trying to chase babies, position babies, trying to avoid lights, cords and a cat. Lilly wanted to hug the letters, Sophie wants to give them away. But, they did well, not turning them upside down, or backwards. I love this is b/w, but in color, you can see the letters so much better.

I have to tell you about these shirts. I shopped for something pink specifically for Valentines Day. These were so cute on the hangers at Target. But, wwe put them on....they are split up the center, showing belly buttons!!! OMG, they are manufacturing Brittney Spears clothing for babies!!!!! Needless to say, I did a "lisa", wore them once, took them BACK to the store.

My hubby gave me a ring for Valentine's Day (I was VERY surprised), and two antique cameras. One is an old brownie, no lens. Its perfect for altering. But, the one I have been waiting for, an Argus Seventy-five. Its one of the cameras recommended for Ttv (through the viewfinder) techniques. I have so many to choose from! Is Sophie the future family photographer? this is how I started out!!

this is TtV, available light only, canon 20d through argus seventy-five. I need to do a little cleaning, and build a box to filter light between the cameras. I plan to use this method by Russ Morris.

One more thing...I am still addicted to making banners. Here is one I made for my Aunt.

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