Sunday, June 22, 2008

HSMS burst

How far and to what lengths must I go at times to fulfill the daily challenge of taking "the picture" inspired by he word of the day? I was at a complete loss....BURST? What will burst in my day? Hopefully nothing. The things that have the potential to burst in my daily routine would not be a welcomed site. But, there I was, driving as usual, when there it was. A FIRE HYDRANT!!! Bursting into the street!!! I have seen this going on for a few weeks in various locations throughout this little town, testing the water pressure of the fire hydrants. The man noticed me as I drove by, possibly thinking I was "rubber necking", looking at HIS hotness. I guess he was disapointed when all I wanted was a photo of the water gushing from the hydrant.

1 comment:

Dianne Adams said...

Hey Jules,
How do you decide what your word of the day is?

Still loving your pics!