Sunday, May 11, 2008

HSMS remember

This was the first time I drove by this cemetery/grave yard. It was a bright sunny mid-day, but this place was surrounded by trees. When I first stopped, there was a huge crow perched atop one of the tall pylon markers. An old friend popped into my head...Doreen. I hopped he wouldn't fly away so I could capture the image for her, but he flew into the trees. Of course he cawed at me the entire 5 minutes I took photos.
When I shot this, I envisioned the look I wanted. Remember Barnabos Collins/Dark Shadows? Or older black and white vampire movies? Okay, you would need to be born in the 60's or before. But, I can just hear the crutching of dry leaves, the bad music and sound effects. Also, the use of lighting effects and lens openings to make daylight appear as though it is dusk or darker.

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