Sunday, April 13, 2008

HSMS sos

I am breaking from my tradition of a favorite picture from 1 year ago. This is Max and Babykitty in 1998. They slept together until Babykitty grew to big to cuddle up.

Its funny how Max continued to sleep on the floor throughout his life, rarely sleeping on furniture or beds. He loved to curl up in a box but it had to be on the floor. Babykitty is just the opposite. He prefers to sleep up on beds, sofas, chairs, Daryls pillow. (Daryl HATES this..."why does he always sleep on MY pillow!!")

Max was given to me by one of my first patients. Originally, his name was Maggie. But, as he grew we figured out that Maggie was a Max.

It didnt take long for us to realize Max hated kitty litter. He would only use the litter box if it had NO kitty litter. After he was big enough to jump in the bathtub, this is where is went. He peed straight down the drain, and pooed next to the drain. We always knew when he was finished, he would paw the sides of the bathtub. Honestly, it was easier than cleaning the cat litter for Babykitty.

Thank you, Max. Miss you.

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