Tuesday, March 4, 2008

HSMS tower

Rather a boring tower to some, but to me its a life saver!
I absolutely hate stacking baking dishes and mixing bowls. I absolutely hate digging out frequently used appliances. Our house was built in the 50's, very narrow cabinets space in a large kitchen. So, I decided to use a very wasted space...the top of the steps to the basement. My husband built shelf unit #1. It was great and very useful to hold all my wonderful baking dishes and bowls. But, we decided to expand on the idea....make shelf unit #2 taller and a little wider! At first it was great! But, the holes drilled did not hold the shelves very well. Within a few months, the shelves would fall unexpectedly. I cant tell you how many beautiful baking dishes were broken.
Finally, shelf unit #3 was built. No little metal thingys stuck in little holes. These shelves are held by a long strip front to back. Each shelf is the perfect height for each type of baking dish and mixing bowl. We added two shelves on the bottom for kitchen aid mixer and paper towels. The unit is about 8 feet tall.
Now, I have the fun of replacing baking dishes! Clear baking dishes are functional, but I love polish pottery, stoneware and Italian bowls/baking dishes. EBay...here I come!

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